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Gangster Redemption Book signing by Larry Lawton and 7 time NY Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock

Posted by Administrator on 6/18/2012
Gangster Redemption Book signing by Larry Lawton and 7 time NY Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock For Immediate Release June 15, 2012 Palm Bay, Florida Bay – Local resident Larry Lawton has published his first book, Gangster Redemption. The book is an eye-opener and definitely not politically correct. (Reviews attached) Larry is in negotiations for a major motion picture and signed a TV deal. The book will shock you on how Larry committed crimes, what goes on in our jails and prisons and show you how to save your child from going down the path Larry did. People do change.
7 time New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock who co-wrote the book with Larry and has over 45 books published says, “This is an unbelievably amazing story and the best book I ever done”. The Book signing and meet and greet will be Thursday, June 21st from 6pm till 8pm at Matt’s Casbah, located at 801 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32901 (321) 574-1099 in downtown Melbourne.
Available now in print and for Amazon Kindle users. The book retails for $14.95 for print edition and $8.95 for Kindle download from Amazon.
Peter Golenbock is a sports journalist and author. He is best known for his besting selling 1975 book Dynasty: The New York Yankees 1949–1964 about the Yankees of that era. More recent titles written by Golenbock include In the County of Brooklyn (HarperCollins), American Prince, A Memoir – Tony Curtis (Random House) and George (John Wiley & Sons) the definitive biography of former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.
  Larry Lawton, A stocky, muscular man with a shaved head, tattoos covering his body and dark goatee; he is not their Father, Mother, Teacher, Counselor, or the Police; he is an ex-con with a passion for helping teens and young adults. Larry Lawton spent 11 years in some of the toughest federal prisons in the country. He was convicted of racketeering in connection with jewelry robberies. Upon his release from prison, he founded the Reality Check Program. Born and raised in the Bronx and Brooklyn NY, Lawrence spent six years in the Coast Guard before making some bad choices which led him to associations with organized crime. While in prison Lawton saw inmates stabbed and friends die. He saw young men raped and turned out as prostitutes for other inmates. Lawton was stabbed and stabbed others. He studied to be a paralegal and became a gang mediator; he somehow kept his sanity by helping other inmates. Since his release from Federal prison in 2007, he has worked with teens and young adults. He now tells kids how he lost time, his family, friends and his freedom; and that it just wasn’t worth it. Lawton changes the way kids think. It’s all about choices, and Lawton’s passion makes him a leader in the field.
For more information call 321-327-2921 or e-mail [email protected]
Chris Date 1/2/2015
Larry, your such an awesome, cool, smart guy that I really admire and respect. I really hope this movie deal works out because you have so much to offer people and can absolutely impact their lives. Stay cool bro..
Debora Heestand Date 6/10/2020
I would love to have you both sign my book. You are such an inspiration to others and would love the opportunity to have both of your autographs on my book if that is possible. Please let me know . Thank you
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