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Sentencing Consultation

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Sentencing Consultation
Sentencing Consultation
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Consultation is available for individuals awaiting trial, sentencing or an individual who was convicted/sentenced and is awaiting incarceration. 

Expert sentencing testimony and knowledge of the system is critical. The amount of time an individual receives at sentence varies based on a number of factors related to not only the facts of the case, but the individual’s personal, family, educational and medical history. It is essential to use every available resource to get the fairest or shortest sentence possible.

Larry Lawton, is considered a leader in the field of Sentencing and Prisons. Larry interviews you and your family, and researches specific mitigating factors that could make a dramatic difference in the sentence imposed. Larry is available to testify as an expert witness at trial and/or sentencing. Larry’s vast knowledge of the inner workings of the court, jail and prison system gives Judges the opportunity to downward depart from the guidelines, or impose the lowest possible sentence. Don’t underestimate the power of an expert witness on your team, you can possibly save years, if not decade, of your life by having our team on your side.  

SENTENCING: Larry’s testimony can give the Judge a reason to downward depart from the sentencing guidelines. When asked what affect a prison sentence will have on an individual, that individual’s family, friends and community partners will give the Judge a different perspective. Each case is different and unique, so the Judge needs all available information to make an informed decision on what the proper sentence should be. With helpful testimony, the Judge has a reason to downward depart, or at the very least, sentence an individual at the bottom end of the guideline, which can save an individual up to three years of their life. What is three years of your life worth?

In the words of one Attorney who is now a Judge:

“Larry Lawton is a valuable resource who brings hard-earned experience, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people to every case he works. He has “real world cred” that reaches people, both young and old, in a way that a parent, attorney, spouse or friend could not.”

Only purchase this product if you have communicated with Larry Lawton directly. 844-922-4800 or email: [email protected]

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